Children in a classroomI just had a bit of an epiphany.

Think real long and hard about this before you decide to make a decision on it. Why are schools allowed to have christmas pageants and plays, teach about santa claus and the easter bunny?

Are these things all not loosely associated with Christ? Are schools not banned from having a religious curriculum? Are not God and Christ completely banned from schools? How so is it that these other things are allowed to be taught in schools? Could it be because they truly have little to do with Christ or religion?

Why else would our government and the Godless masses allow them to continue to be practiced in our public schools?

I will tell you why.

santa clausBecause christmas as it is practiced today, santa claus and the easter bunny all have no real correlation to Christ. And haven’t had for a very long time. Sure religious organizations continue to observe christmas and easter as if they really have religious significance but truly they have become nothing more than a shell of what they were originally intended to be.

Some time after the death and resurrection of Christ and before the Roman Catholics perverted these Holy days and others, christmas and easter actually had real meaning. People truly paid homage to Christ the Son and God the Father.

satan claus - The myth of christmasBut after the Roman Catholic church compromised the sanctity of these Holy days by moving the dates they were held to correspond to the dates of certain pagan religions in an attempt to trick and lure the pagan masses into accepting these Holy days and allowing these pagans to continue their own rituals, they stripped these Holy days of their true meaning and sanctity. These so-called Holy days were rendered to nothing more than a shadow of what they were meant to be.

These Holy days would come to be known merely as holidays. No different in meaning than Presidents day or groundhogs day. When the fantasy of these holidays outweighs the truth are we not in effect joining the ignorant masses of the pagan society?

I really wonder how many people have bothered to research the true origin of the easter bunny and santa claus (or as I refer to him “satan claus”). How many people truly know that the easter bunny, the easter eggs, santa claus, the christmas tree and the majority of the symbols used and rituals practiced by so-called Christians are truly those of pagan gods and ritual practices for thousands of years.

And they were all of them deceived.

easter? bunny - A picture is worth a thousand words.So why are christmas and easter allowed to be observed in our schools? Because they have no real basis in religion nor correlation to Christ or God. True there are those who still worship Christ on these days. But they turn right around and practice the pagan rituals which have come to be associated with these once Holy days.

Once you compromise a Holy day and muddy it with the rituals of pagan gods or goddesses, the Holy day becomes nothing more than a mere shadow of what it was meant to be. It is sinful to continue to practice these Holy days in such a way. It is “anti-christ” to practice such rituals on days that were meant to bring praise and worship Christ.

The stage has been set for the entrance of the biggest fantasy of all… the anti-christ. The masses have been misled for so many generations, it will be a cake-walk for satan’s ilk to walk among us and completely deceive the masses.

It is time to unveil the pretenders. It is time to pull back the curtain and reveal the wizard. This is the perfect analogy. For when the wizard reveals himself, the masses will be deceived into believing him to be the true Christ.

Why is this?

What is truth?Simply because they have been deceived for so long, they have been lied to in so many ways, how difficult will it be to get them to swallow one more lie? Corruption takes more forms than you could possibly know.

They say the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing people he didn’t exist. What better way to do that than to get people to not believe in God? After all, if there is no such thing as God then it only stands to reason there is no such thing as satan.

So if you consider yourself to be a Christian or one who truly believe in Christ and God, then do yourself a huge favor and delve into these things and learn the truth. For if you don’t, then you leave yourself open to the deceit that awaits the masses who will find themselves falling at the feet of and worshiping the anti-christ.

And if you do, then prepare yourself to pay the ultimate sacrifice. For many true followers of Christ will be put to death. If you are not willing to repay Christ in kind, if you are not willing to lay down your life for Christ as he did for us all, then dismiss this writing off-hand and get back to your life as you know it. For Christ deserves the best of us as he gave us the best of himself.

Let me know what your take is on this article. Till next time…

God Bless,
Brother Rand