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Make a Stand for Christ!

Make a Stand for Christ!

Oh am I a Christian? I was talking to a friend and I jokingly said this to him. He replied that he didn’t necessarily like the title and that he preferred to tell people he was a believer. This really made something click in my head and here is the reply I wrote to him.

You should absolutely adore the title to be totally honest. If you are a “believer” in Christ, then you should absolutely stand up and declare you are a “Christ”ian.

Just be very wary of those so-called Christians. There are many these days with malintent. I question myself a lot so I will definitely question anyone else.

On a bit of a different note, Where does is say in the Bible about our food being changed? Because that has happened a long time ago. And it keeps getting worse.

Did you know there never use to be any such thing as an orange carrot? Genetic manipulation is to blame for the orange carrot.

So much of our food has been manipulated in such a fashion.

Many of the prophecies have already been fulfilled. Be ready for the coming of the antichrist! If he isn’t already here. I fear that won’t be long in coming.

It’s been nearly 2 millennia since Christ’s resurrection. That tends to be a magic number, 2 millennia. I expect something huge to transpire in about 19 years give or take.

Look at where TV is going! There are more shows that try to integrate heaven into their script and pervert it. Supernatural comes to mind strongly when I think of this. But there are so many others.

The idea is to try to fictionalize it all. Or to make it easier for the antichrist to come into power when the time comes. So many people will not take Christianity seriously and those who do will be easily manipulated into following the false Messiah.

Make sure you are strong into the Word! Be sure you understand that the antichrist comes before the return of Christ. And that there will be signs and wonders such as healings etc. But don’t be fooled. Satan has way more than the faith of a mustard seed and he can and will have his progeny healing people.

You should pray for the power of discernment! I believe this will prove to be the most beneficial of all the powers from the Holy Spirit that you could ask for.

Be wary… be so wary! There are many wolves hiding amongst the sheep! Learn to identify them! Expose them! Extricate them!

Wow sorry for preaching to you… try to have a good day and pretend the world is all peachy. But if you are sick and tired of the crap going on in the world today then take a stand for Christ!

Have a great day!
After all, it is the least we can do for Christ after what he did for us. Is it such a hard thing to tell our old running buddies that we are Christian for those of us who ran with the wrong crowd when we were young? Do we have a problem professing our beliefs to non believers?

We should absolutely take a stand for Christ! He sure took a stand for us in a way that not many would want to duplicate. I like to think that I would. But when it comes right down to it, will I have the strength of character? Will my faith be strong enough to carry me through the dark times if they should come upon us? I truly hope so and I pray that I shall be able to.

Please leave your thoughts on this in the comments.
Brother Rand