Won’t You Reconsider

I noticed that you have chosen to cancel the donation process. Was that just an accident? If so, you can click on this home page link to take you back to the Brother Rand site.

If you have changed your mind about donating, that’s fine. But let me just say that we use these donations to help the elderly and disabled by providing dental and eye care assistance as there is a great need for those whose only income is SSA or SSI and whose only health care is Medicare or Medicade.

We contribute 80% of your donation to this cause and only 20% to administration fees. This is roughly opposite of what most so called charities do. With many charitable organizations they attribute anywhere from 60-90% toward administration and professional fund raising assistance. We do NOT use professional fund raising. This way we can keep our administration fees low and funnel the majority of your donation directly to our causes.

I would personally like to thank your for visiting BrotherRand’s whether or not you decide to make a donation.

God Bless,
Brother Rand